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Punch and Judy For Schools

I perform an special presentation for the school or classroom. I generally start with a short talk that can include specific references to the topic that is being covered, whether it be the seaside, toys and puppets or perhaps the Victorians for example. Mr Punch first appeared around 350 years ago in an appearance in Covent Garden and I trace his history from Italian theatre to the Victorian seasides of Great Britain.

After the short talk, I do the traditional short audience warm up before the Punch and Judy show proper. I teach the children the traditional responses such as "its behind you" and "oh no you didn't" Then I do a sleight of hand magic show where objects appear and disappear and a steady supply of silver coins is produced from the children's ears.

The Punch and Judy show itself has all the well loved characters, including Mr Punch, Judy, the baby, Joey the clown, an runaway monkey, and of course the crocodile and his sausages. The show features all the traditional slapstick comedy and jokes but it is also completely PC so you can just sit back and enjoy the fun. If you have any questions please do give me a call and if you would like to have an idea of how the children will react? - just click this link and have a look at my video: Punch & Judy video

Dear Gari, I wanted to write to send my huge thanks for today's performance. I can very confidently say that the children had a riot! The magic was spectacular and it was a real joy to watch them so enthused by such a traditional form of entertainment. They also learnt lots from your carefully pitched lesson on puppet shows through history. We will certainly be in touch when we get around to planning next year's Victorians/Toys topic. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a testimonial. Thanks again

Jon Brunskill, Head of Year 2, Reach Academy Feltham

Thanks again for a fantastic show. The children were buzzing, so I asked them what they would rather have : a Punch and Judy show or 45 minutes on their X-box, and I'm sure you will be as pleased, as I was, to hear they said - Punch and Judy! See you next year!
Stacy Shulmeyer, Year 2 Teacher, Cross in Hand School, East Sussex

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